Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mezza Luna!!!

Mezza Luna...Mediterranean Italian Cuisine

Mezza Luna (Click for map)
2724 Carl T. Jones Drive SE
Huntsville, AL 35801

So a friend of mine who knows I am on my local foodie quest, recommended Mezza Luna to me and I am SO glad she did! This trendy restaurant is so vibrant and fresh, but laid back enough to have a quiet lunch, which is what we did!

This is a Mediterranean Italian restaurant which to me meant it brought dishes and flavors from Italy that are closest to the Mediterranean Sea...makes sense to me!

Their website says...

At Mezza Luna, a true trattoria atmosphere will preside where the patio provides Huntsville’s most popular and lovely outdoor dining and room for an overflowing crowd. Casual, but with no compromise in quality or presentation, the seasonal menu offers fresh gulf seafood, naturally raised meats and locally grown organic poultry, lettuces, and vegetables. The wood-fired brick oven crisps the flatbreads and pizzas perfectly, gives the roasts and braises their signature hickory seasoning. Fresh seafood, meat and game are all cooked over a huge wood-fired grill, resplendent with the soul-satisfying essences of Tuscany, Andalusia, Sicily and North Africa.

I was kinda close! ;-)

A couple of colleagues and I started our meal with a "chip and onion dip" appetizer that was really good! The chips were freshly made in the restaurant and the dip was creamy and delicious! For our meals, we all ordered pizza. The same pizzas! All three of us! Ha! Well, you can never have too much of a good thing! Next time I will have to venture out into a more hearty entree!

I must say that I am very happy that Mezza Luna is here in Huntsville because it offers a very nice slice of variety here! You should check them out!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ol' Heidelburg!!!

German? Ja!!!

Ol' Heidelburg (Click for map!)
6125 University Drive
Huntsville, AL 35806 Alabama? Why, yes indeed! For many who may not know, there are many German-Americans in Huntsville, Alabama. In the 1950's many German rocket scientists were awarded US citizenship to help with the engineering and building of missles and rockets here in Rocket City, USA better known as Huntsville, AL! I am pretty sure that a restaurant or two with wonderful offerings from the German culture would still be around today to tempt a sweet African-American lady like myself *blink, blink*

Well, a very handsome dude and I ventured off into Ol' Heidelburg, which is in a shopping plaza on one of the busiest streets in Huntsville. Needless to say, there was lots of traffic and we were ready to head in for a nice meal!

The decor was, of course, German inspired and our hostess and waitress was wearing traditional German dirndl. It was like stepping into Oktoberfest! I loved it! My companion ordered a very dark German beer and I was introduced into wonderful German cuisine!

Our meal started off with salad. House salad with homemade bleu cheese dressing for me, cucumber salad for him as well as a very tasty potato and leek soup that was absolutely heavenly! A bread basket full of warm, dark bread was brought to us as we waited for our main courses. I ordered the Hungarian Schnitzel which is sauteed chicken with mushrooms, onions, red & green peppers in a hunters sauce with a side of German style potato salad and he ordered the Schweinebraten which is roasted pork loin prepared in a natural gravy, served with potato dumplings or Spatzle and red cabbage.

I was NOT ready! *faint*

Everything was quite divine and enough to feed a small village! (yay doggie bag!)
I was told to start off easy and go with the chicken because, hey, you really can't go wrong with chicken! But I think next time I will venture off into sausage land...or perhaps pork or veal...hummm, decisions, decisions....

Anyway, the cost was a bit higher than I expected with entrees starting at $15. I have been spoiled with less costly meals around town! However, I think that for an authentic German experience, it was well worth every penny! And did I mention they had maaaaybe 20+ different desserts?

You are not ready. LOL!

Well, I give this tasty adventure two thumbs up! I hope to visit again very soon!

Thanks for reading...and of course, enjoy the pics!